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Accidental Planner

Planning your expenses and investments with ease

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Managing Multiple Accounts

The app helps you manage how your money transfers among all your accounts (e.g., demand deposits, fixed deposits, funds, bonds, stocks, credit card accounts, Paypal, etc) and gives you a clear view of the balance of each account on any specific day.

Planning Expenses and Investments

If you own multiple accounts or have irregular incomes or expenses, it’s often time consuming to make or adjust your financial plan. The app saves you from manual check. Whenever your make any change, it catches all issues with your planned items that are caused by the change and guides you through to resolve them.

Keeping Your Plan Updated

No matter how good a plan is, changes are often inevitable. The app helps you easily synchronize your plan with actual data either by modifying the portion of your plan that occurred or by just updating all your accounts with their actual balances. Either way, the app will automatically recheck all your planned items with new data.

Credit Card Support

For expenses you plan on your credit card, the app automatically determines when you should pay for them and the statement balance of each due day. If you set an auto-payment account for your credit card in the app, the app automatically plans payment transfers for you and reminds you if the auto-payment account balance is low.

Fund and Stock Support

The app supports the delay when you buy/sell funds or stocks (e.g., T+2). With that the app gives you accurate balance of each account on any specific day, which helps you plan. The app also has preliminary support if settlement period spans across non-working days.

Target Users

The app is designed for people who have multiple accounts or have irregular or frequent incomes or expenses. It gives you accurate knowledge of how your money transfers among your accounts and the balance of each account on any specific date. You are free to try different expense or investment plans as you’d like and the app catches issues for you (if there are) and shows you how the total amount of all your accounts changes over time.