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Accidental Planner App Privacy Policy

Your financial data never leave your device

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Last Updated: May 26, 2020

AccidentalPlanner is a financial app built by Huan Xiong. It’s a freemium app with an in-app purchase option.

Your privacy is important. AccidentalPlanner is designed to collect as little data as possible from you. This privacy policy describes what data the app collects from you, for what purpose it collects them and how it uses them.

Information Collection and Use

AccidentalPlanner use the data your input (e.g., your account balance, planned expenses, etc.) to provide its service to you. The data are stored securely on your phone and never leave your phone. The app doesn’t share them with any third party (including the app’s author). You always have full control of your data, including deleting them.

In-App Purchase

AccidentalPlanner can be downloaded free from Apple App Store. You have access to all its functions except that you can’t create more than six accounts or more than 200 incomes/outcomes/transfers. If you reach the maximum number limit, app will ask you if you would like to pay to remove the limit. The payment won’t occur unless you confirm it. Your payment will be processed by Apple App Store. The app has no access to your payment account (e.g., credit card data).


AccidentalPlanner takes every means to secure your data. All data stored in iOS are encrypted. No other apps on your phone can access the data in the app. If you enable biometric authentication in the app, every time you open the app or switch back to the app (after 30 seconds), you will be authenticated with Face ID or Touch ID. That makes sure only you can access the data in the app. AccidentalPlanner accesses Apple App Store to query and process in-app purchase. In its future version it will also need to access iCloud to synchronize the data among your multiple iPhones. Other than that, it doesn’t transfer any data over network.

Updates to The Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy may be updated and its latest version is posted on this page. Thus, you are advised to review this page periodically for any changes.

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